Shop our great selection of Basin Vanity Units right now. These vanity units may be used to quickly refresh your existing space or as a focal piece in a new makeover. View our collection of freestanding vanity units if you are looking to make an authentic look for your UK bathroom. Wall mounted vanity units may easily boost the aesthetic of your area.  Moreover, Mounting them higher up on the wall frees up room on the floor. It doesn’t make a huge impact, but it may make any place feel a little less crowded and a little more spacious.

Our diverse collection of designer wall hung vanity units includes alternatives for both traditional and modern settings, as well as selections from major brands like Burlington traditional vanities, Britton Vanity Units, The White Space Vanity Units With Basin, and many more. If you want to add a wall-hung vanity, have a look at our most recent items, which are mentioned below. We have a large selection of trendy wall mounted basin units from well-known manufacturers in practically all sizes and colours. We also stock matching tall storage units, and storage cabinets to complete the look of your UK bathroom. View our complete range of bathroom furniture here, and contact us today if you need any help with any product. Email us on

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