Buy BC Designs Freestanding Baths Online with UK’s Leading online bathroom retailer. BC Designs takes pride in being at the cutting edge of bathroom innovation and in employing unusual materials to boost its industry-leading fixtures.

From their stunning classic freestanding bathtubs, available in a range of castings ranging from acrylic to copper and nickel, to their basins, brassware and bathroom accessories, every fixture offered by BC Designs is of the finest quality and uniqueness. We supply high-end luxury bathrooms at affordable prices.

There are various conventional setups to think about. The Viado, for example, has a solid feel yet a smooth design that emits a gentle and friendly Ambiance. There are three distinct sizes available, and a ten-year guarantee is typical. Because of its shell-like surface, the Casini has marine undertones. This one-of-a-kind design also creates a feeling of visual depth that is not feasible with regular finishes. The Casini is made of non-porous Cian, therefore durability is not an issue. In Short, BC Designs Freestanding Baths will definitely fulfil all your requirements for any style of bathroom you have.

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