All you should know about Counter top basins

The large riveted casket with taps to supply water is known as sink. Basically, a sink refers to the entire structure while a basin refers only to the bowl part of the sink.

A simple basin scaled on a flat surface which is installed in the wall is known as a countertop basin while a countertop sink generally lies on the top of the counter. You will find Oval Countertop Basins and Rectangular Countertop Basins from Catalano Countertop Basin and Laufen Countertop Basin. Countertop sinks are available in many shapes such as A Round Countertop Sink provides elegance to your bathroom. We would like to suggest Villeroy and Boch Countertop Sinks and BC Designs Countertop Sinks for buying beautifully designed countertop sinks.

If you have less surface area in your bathroom then you should move to the Wall Hung Basin without any hesitation as it gives a modern look to your bathroom. While selecting the Bathroom Countertop Basin you can go for a Semi Recessed Basin within it in which half of the washbowl is hung outside. You can also select the Pedestal Basin as a countertop basin. The best idea to conceal the pedestal is to have a Countertop Basin with Furniture. Furniture in your bathroom gives it a modern appearance and an aesthetic feel in your bath.

The marvellous series of Catalano, Catalano Zero and Catalano Verso, offers a wide range of countertop basins that pleases every customer with its elegant look and sleek design. You can also refer to BC Designs Vive Basins to buy washbasins. For the people who are living in Cheshire, they can do online shopping of basins from Cheshire Bathrooms Online. A countertop basin is a stylish sink that sits on top of a bathroom unit.

So here is information provided that you will need to know before buying a countertop sink or basin. Ask your questions at