Things to Consider for Choosing the Perfect Heated Towel Rails

Heated Towel Rail was previously considered a luxury item in the bathroom. In present times, it becomes a necessity of UK bathrooms & homes with the availability of best designs, styles, & affordable prices.  Heated Towel Rails offers multi-functionality of drying towels and heating bathroom.

  • You can choose the size of your chrome heated towel rails based on your bathroom size and available wall & floor space.
  • When measuring the size to install Reina Heated Towel Rails, you should consider the dimension of the available space.
  • You require approximately 10-20 cm space at the bottom of the Vertical Radiators or Horizontal Radiators for the connection.
  • When installing the towel warmer, ensure to keep it away from the pipe, cabinet, door, or windows.
  • Different ways to use Heated Towel Rails include electric, central heating, & dual fuel.
  • You can connect your Traditional Towel Rail with a central heating system, which is the popular way in the UK.
  • The electric way is the storage-saving option for flats and homes having no central heating system.
  • If you want to use Reina Heated Towel Rails for winter-only, dual fuel is the best option for bathrooms that has both electric & central heating systems.

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