Diverter Valves & Trimsets are helpful shower accessories for your shower enclosure. To switch between shower outlets, a diverter valve is necessary to pair the unit with a diverter. Trimset is the decorative shower part and works with a shower valve. It helps control the shower system. It needs to be installed over the valve.

As bathroom & shower specialists, we supply a range of trimsets and diverter valves that gives you a long-lasting pleasant showering experience. You can use it with your tap, bath filler, handsets with hoses, handset & rise rail kits, shower heads, or mounted handsets through an elbow outlet or on the bath. It has superior functionality and is the most suitable for all your family needs.

As the UK bathroom supply store, we have a range of diverter valves & trimsets best suited to your luxury modern & traditional bathrooms. Our best quality range includes 2 way shower valves, 1 way shower valves, thermostatic shower valves, 3 way shower valves, and others. You can also shop the best brands of valves like Coalbrook Diverter Valves & Trimsets, Emporio Bagno shower valves, and Coalbrook Trimset for shower valves from our online bathroom store.

If you are looking for beautiful bathrooms at the best prices, we offer a complete range of top quality bathroom products & accessories. It includes Bathroom Suites, Baths, Designer Radiators, Showers, Taps, Toilets, Basins, Heating, Shower valve Trimset, and others for your luxury bathrooms in the UK.

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