Enhance the functionality of Your Shower using the Perfect Type of Shower Valves

Shower Valves are essential shower accessories used to control the water flow with the water temperature. You need to choose the right type of shower valves for a pleasant shower experience. Shower valves manage the flow of water and temperature going to the shower head. The different shower valves have different functionality; hence, you need to choose the best that meet your shower needs in your luxury bathroom in the UK.

If you want to control the water flow & temperature manually, similarly you operate a tap on a sink, a manual shower valve is the best option. There is no separate handle to turn the shower on or off. Hence, each time you take shower, it requires adjusting the temperature. You should be careful as water may be too cold or hot and therefore not recommended for children’s bathrooms.

The thermostatic shower valve comprises two handles in which, one for turning the water on/off and one for controlling the temperature. Once you adjust the temperature handle to the perfect heat level, you need to operate the tap to on or off the water flow.

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