Bath Screens – A Stylish Alternate of Shower Curtain for Your Bathroom in the UK

A shower curtain is a traditional and cost-effective option for your shower bath. But with bath screens, you can give a stylish touch to your bathroom. It is the latest replacement for your bathroom curtain.

  • It is a glass panel that works as a protective layer to prevent water splash in the floor area while showering in your bath. Thus, you will keep your bathroom floor dry even after enjoying a bath & shower together.
  • Using shower screens, you require less effort to clean your bathroom.
  • It is helpful for people looking to spend less time in bathroom cleaning & maintenance.
  • You can select the style and size of shower bath screens as per available space in your small or large-sized bathroom.
  • For a powerful or long shower, you can select a twin bath screen for protection against splashes.
  • Hinged type shower screen suits best for the spacious bathroom. It allows easy to enter & exit into the bathroom.
  • You will get the latest design & styles of bath screens from renowned brands like Merlyn Bath Screen, Ionic Shower Screen, 8 Series Bath Screen, & Mbox Bath Screen. Other brands include Bayswater Bath Screen, BC Designs Bath Screens, Solidblue Bath Screen, and others.

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