The success of Catalano bathroom products arise from a deep-seated ethic sense of working and a great team spirit. The respect for values comes first, even before the profit, and represents the reasons that made the company grow up so quickly.

The “ethical design” – intended as quality of the project – has a cultural, economic and strategic value only if it expresses true contents, and it is not meant to be only a ‘self-celebration’ of designers.

Founded in 1967, Catalano is a family run company based near Rome with a rich heritage. We are proud to be a leading manufacturer and exporter of Italian ceramics.

Cutting edge technology is combined with traditional Italian craftsmanship for the finest ceramic collections.

Catalano bathroom products have a global reputation for excellence in ceramics is demonstrated in numerous projects around the world, as well as by prestigious awards received in recognition of its achievements.

100% Designed & Made in Italy

Catalano strongly believes that this is the road that needs to be followed for the future of the ceramic industry: drastically reducing the impact on the environment. Catalano does not import nor market sanitary fittings made in countries with low labour costs or which do not comply with sustainability standards or environmental regulations. Also in this regard, all Catalano products are permanently marked to guarantee their origin and authenticity.

Catalano relies on a team of professionals who manage environmental aspects at all production levels on a daily basis.

“Quality is taken as a moral commitment at every stage of the manufacturing process” – Catalano