In this busy world, who doesn’t forget things while going to have a bath !! To organise such things correctly you need to have Bathroom Furniture in the bathroom. Catalano Bathroom Furniture offers various designs for bathroom furniture that represent its inventiveness and creativity.

While remodelling the bathroom you should go for the perfect Bathroom Cabinets. It is important for the bathroom to give an elegant and graceful look by choosing accurate Designer Bathroom Units according to the space and needs. It also gets fitted within the design you have chosen for your bathroom.

Bathroom Furniture attached to the basin or sink is considered as Bathroom Vanity Unit. Who does not want to use less space and make the bathroom look more spacious though having a Bathroom Unit !! The best way to do this is to have bathroom furniture with a basin. You can select Wall Hung Basin Furniture that is attached to the wall and provides a modern and smart storage option. The opposite from this is to have a Floorstanding Basin Furniture, which stands on the floor consisting of a basin with hidden pipework. The furniture that comes between these two is having a Freestanding Bathroom Unit. This provides a storage solution that stands with the support of already attached little stands. The UK’s Online Bathroom Specialists design bathrooms in such a beautiful way that they are praised by each and every viewer. This makes the Online Bathroom Supplies faster and easier without any doubt.

Sometimes the bathroom cabinet is also placed above the sink or basin that embodies Mirror, generally known as Mirror Cabinet. This will enhance the overall look of the bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity makes your small works very easy by allowing you to store the things like toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, towels and such things.

The well-known name that comes first in mind while thinking about bathroom furniture is Laufen Bathroom Furniture, which is renowned for its glamorous Laufen New Classic Designs. Taking about Laufen’s Laufen Pro S, by selecting your bathroom furniture from this range, you will be a proven pro selector for the bathroom in everyone’s eye.

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Designing a bathroom is not a big deal if you select the right items. Architect your bath with us and for more details, write to us at