A Buying Guide for Bathtubs

Useful Buying Guide to Choose the Most Suitable Bathtubs for Your Designer Bathroom

A bathtub creates a focal point in your bathroom and hence requires careful attention when buying a new bathtub for your bathroom. Whether you want to choose traditional baths or modern baths, you have options to choose from a wide range of styles, sizes, and shapes of bathtubs. Baths are a costly and long-term investment and therefore, you should consider all essential factors to purchase the most suitable bathtub for your bathroom.

The key factors include budget and available space in your bathroom. If there is no restriction on the bathroom space & budget, freestanding baths look great as they occupy more space and become costlier compared to other bath styles. You will get the best styles & shapes of modern freestanding bathtubs, traditional freestanding bathtubs, back to wall freestanding baths and others to buy for your dream bathroom.

Freestanding baths give your bathroom an unmatched luxurious look with a spa-like pleasant bathing experience to get complete relaxation in your leisure time. As they don’t require fixing any wall, it looks like the centrepiece of your luxurious bathroom. You can attach claw or ball feet in traditional baths to create a vintage look in your bathroom space. If you want to buy a freestanding bath for your small bath area, you can compromise with a back-to-wall freestanding bathtub. It can be placed against the wall and offers a designer look to your small space. It best suits all types of classic or contemporary bathrooms.  

Buying the best brand of Single Ended Baths gives you a long-lasting bathing solution. Cheshire Tile and bathroom studio offer the best brand of baths like BC Designs luxurious freestanding baths, BC Designs traditional baths, Burlington traditional baths, Britton baths, Clearwater baths, Ashton & Bentley Baths, Bayswater traditional baths and many others. Thus, with the best brand of baths, you will get quality products, a longer warranty, an enduring new look and many other benefits for your UK bathrooms.

If you have a small space in your bathroom and still want a shower and bathtub, then choosing the shower bath is the best alternative. It accomplishes your desire to enjoy both bathing with showering. You also need to install bath panels to protect the remaining area of your bathroom from getting splashed.

You can choose the convenient shower bath that best fits your available bathroom space, like left-handed shower baths or right-handed shower baths from the Cheadle bathroom showroom. Thus, your kids can enjoy showers and bathe together in one functional space.

For your large bathroom area, you can separately install shower enclosures and bathtubs of your choice. You have tremendous options to choose bathtubs of your favourite size, style, & shape. Choosing the bath material is also an essential factor to consider, like copper baths, natural stone baths, acrylic baths, and steel baths. Acrylic baths are the most commonly used in UK bathrooms as they are the most cost-effective option. While copper baths & natural stone baths are heavy and hence you need to ensure the strength of your floor to withstand the weight before purchasing it.

When selecting Single Ended Baths or Double Ended Bath for your bathroom, you should consider the choice of its users. For instance, double-ended baths are the best options for couple bathrooms or kids’ bathrooms. It allows two people to take a bath at a time and hence is commonly used for large family bathrooms. Corner baths look perfect for installing a bath in a corner or awkward area. The shape & size of the bathtub depends on the free space in your bathroom. There are square, oval, square, hexagon, round, and many other shapes of bathtubs available. You need to make sure to keep some extra space around your bath to enter & exit easily in it as well as to move freely or get ready in the bathroom.

Once you finalize your selection for a bath, the other essential bath accessories required are bath taps, bath screens, bath panels, bath waste, feet, and others. When buying bath taps, you should ensure to choose a single tap or mixer tap based on the number of available holes in your baths. 

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